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The Belvoir Viewpoint: June 2021

Take a deeper dive into the relevance of American manufacturing in the commercial real estate industry. The Belvoir Viewpoint outlines how the industrial real estate sector can offer tremendous opportunities for companies and investors alike.

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The Belvoir Viewpoint: May 2021

Belvoir digs into the "new normal" in commercial real estate trends, from rethinking office spaces to the need for more work- and patron-friendly green spaces.

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The Belvoir Viewpoint: April 2021

Access Belvoir's complete Houston office and industrial market outlook and report with highlights from Q1 2021, as well as what to look for in the next quarter and beyond.

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The Belvoir Viewpoint: March 2021

In commercial real estate, the lifecycle of a building can greatly influence the value of a property. Belvoir defines how building lifecycles are becoming shorter and what that means for the future of construction and real estate.

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