Commercial Property Management

Commercial Property Management You Can Trust

If you are looking to maximize returns on your investment property, Belvoir is the commercial property management company you need. The Belvoir team helps you maximize and achieve your business’ long-term financial goals through world-class services. Professional property management limits business disruptions and handles day-to-day commercial real estate management issues so you don’t have to.

Through a mix of tenant relations, cost controls, amenities offered, Belvoir maximizes your commercial property management values so that your business can flourish. Belvoir helps you overcome the commercial property challenges of taxation, regulatory compliance, energy efficiency, and due diligence. The Belvoir team is here to keep you going places.

Serving you through the following solutions:

  • Commercial property management
  • Landlord representation
  • Construction management
  • Asset accounting
  • Project leasing: leveraging creative, aggressive marketing to bring greater awareness of the property and engagement with key targets
  • Project management: from concept to completion, Belvoir represents clients through highly qualified teams

Belvoir Methodologies That Empower Your Success

At Belvoir, client satisfaction is the top priority. The property management team aims to make your life easier by handling big picture issues and the day-to-day operations of your investment property. Your goals and objectives are put first so that Belvoir can elevate your property to its highest potential and purpose.

Not sure how much rent to charge or how to find the right tenants? With years of professional experience in the commercial real estate industry, the Belvoir team has the answers you need. Commercial real estate investors and developers trust Belvoir’s commercial property management services so that they can turn their attention to the next project. 

Commercial Property Management Services With Belvoir

The Belvoir team offers custom commercial property management to landlords, developers, and investors. Every property is different and requires different services, which is why Belvoir is a one-stop-shop commercial property management company. 

The services listed below can be adapted to best fit your needs with a customized package.

Belvoir maintains extensive relationships with a broad range of companies that help make these services possible. 

Business Management

Includes business advising, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll services, financial planning, and more. These services guarantee that your business runs smoothly and that you get the maximum return on your investment.

Property Maintenance

From professional cleanings to locksmith services, the commercial property management service keeps your business in top shape. Other maintenance services include window cleaning, parking lot striping, landscape services, waste disposal, and more.

Marketing Strategies

The marketing industry is ever-changing, so it’s important to use professionals to maximize your profits. Marketing strategy services include advertising, social media management, web design, public relations, and more.

Tenant Relations

Leave rent collection, lease negotiations, and tenant concerns to a professional tenant relations team. These services guarantee an effective cash management process so that you never have to chase down rent yourself. The tenant relations team also manages lease renewals and handles tenant complaints on an efficient schedule.

IT Solutions

The Belvoir IT team provides alarm services, phone systems, network services, data cabling, and more. Stay on top of cutting-edge technology with the latest IT solutions for your property.

Contract Work Management

When your property needs a contractor such as a roofer, electrician, or property inspector, the Belvoir commercial real estate management team can oversee the process. These services include collecting project bids, choosing trustworthy contractors, and overseeing projects to completion. Belvoir is already connected to a number of reliable contractors and subcontractors who get the job done. 

Office Management

Don’t waste time trying to outfit your business’s office on your own. The Belvoir team provides furniture, equipment, warehousing, fire safety, and more. 

Where Belvoir Operates

Belvoir Real Estate Group operates in Houston, Texas, Midland, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida. Headquartered in Houston, the commercial property management company now maintains offices in all three locations. Each city is unique and offers advantages for your business. 

Houston, Texas

Belvoir got its start with Houston commercial real estate management. Houston is the largest city without zoning laws that separate business and residential neighborhoods, which means that business opportunities abound. The sprawling city is home to several business districts, including Downtown Houston, the Museum District, the Energy Corridor, Westchase, and more. The Greater Houston Area, which includes Sugar Land, Pearland, The Woodlands, and other suburbs, has seen exponential growth over the last few decades. Greater Houston encompasses nine counties in total.

Real estate investors flock to Houston for its low cost of living and the steady job market. The most popular commercial real estate developments in Houston are medical facilities, multi-family properties, and office buildings. As the nation’s energy industry capital, there are also amazing industrial real estate opportunities in Houston.  

Midland, Texas

In west Texas, commercial real estate opportunities abound in Midland, a hub for the nation’s energy industry. With a growing population and a strong economy, Midland is quickly becoming one of the best places to invest in commercial real estate in Texas. Investors love Midland’s smaller commercial real estate market because there is less competition and plenty of room for growth. Industrial buildings are the top commercial real estate development choice in Midland. 

Jacksonville, Florida

Belvoir is now in the Sunshine State and will soon become the leading commercial property management company in Jacksonville. Investors love Jacksonville because the city has it all: beaches, tourism, great culture, and thriving industries. It’s also a sprawling city that encompasses seven counties and has a population of over 1.2 million people. 

If you want to be part of the future of the commercial real estate industry, Jacksonville is a great place to invest. Current downtown renovations are guaranteed to make Jacksonville the most visited city in Florida in no time. 

Get a Seamless Experience With Belvoir’s Commercial Property Management

Belvoir stands out from other real estate groups because it’s a one-stop-shop, boutique commercial property management company. Along with property management, which includes end-to-end services, Belvoir offers brokerage, development, and management services. 

With over 150 years of combined experience in commercial real estate, the Belvoir team can’t be beaten. Each member brings something unique and valuable to the team, but they all share the same goal: keeping your project moving. With world-class property management services, you can focus on the good parts of property and business ownership and avoid the headaches. The Belvoir team is efficient, proactive, and responsive, always keeping you in the loop and solving problems before they arise. 

Belvoir clients rave about their experience in Jacksonville, Midland, and Houston commercial real estate management. The team listens to your needs and prioritizes actions that maximize your return on investment. The commercial real estate market is ever-changing, which is why you need a world-class team to handle your property’s management and maintenance from every angle. 

Meet Our Commercial Property Management Experts

Matthew Goldsby, Chief Executive Officer

As founder and managing director of Belvoir Real Estate Group, Matthew Goldsby is passionate about building people, properties, and communities. Matthew’s background includes nearly 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, spanning brokerage, management, development, and investment services. Matthew recently earned his MBA from Rice University. He brings a unique perspective and a creative approach to every challenge, and he fosters an internal culture of mentorship and continuous growth. 

A well-respected Houston real estate professional, Matthew has worked transactions and projects cumulatively valued at more than $700 million throughout his career and has overseen Belvoir’s rapid organic growth since 2012. Along with his wife, Meredith, and their two daughters, he is active at St. Michael Catholic Church.

Why Choose Belvoir As Your Commercial Property Management Company

Belvoir Real Estate Group is well equipped to meet all your commercial real estate needs. The Belvoir team focuses on being innovative and visionary while building people, practice, and property to their best and highest value. 

Whether you are a commercial real estate investor, developer, or landlord, you need a top-tier commercial property management company to oversee your operations. With expert help to keep your project moving, you can cut costs, maximize profits, and focus on your next project.

No one else offers a full-service property management experience like Belvoir in Houston, Midland, or Jacksonville. Eager to be part of your business’s growth, the Belvoir team goes above and beyond to meet your objectives and achieve your goals. From maintenance to marketing strategies, you can find a customized property management solution that fits your unique business goals with Belvoir. 

Ready to get started with world-class commercial real estate development services? Contact Belvoir today to begin your next management project. Let the Belvoir team get the wheels on your project moving.