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Experts in Commercial Real Estate Development

Working with one of the leading commercial real estate development companies is a strong strategy to reach your construction, renovation, or expansion goals. From your business’ initial commercial real estate concept to its completion, a future-focused approach will help you as an investor or developer. 

Belvoir Real Estate Group is a full-service commercial real estate firm in Houston, Texas, Midland, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida. The Belvoir team sees every new commercial real estate project as an opportunity to form long-term relationships with clients. Through innovative technology and proven strategies, Belvoir goes above and beyond for every development and construction project.

Belvoir’s development services include: 

  • Market studies
  • Financial programming
  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Project design
  • Project management

Belvoir evaluates options and executes the development of commercial real estate properties through efficient and thorough practices.

If you are an investment owner, your acquisition and subsequent development of desirable commercial real estate assets will benefit you in the long run. The Belvoir team offers experience in brokerage, development, and asset management. Over 150 years of combined experience allows Belvoir to make recommendations for your commercial real estate development which will achieve premium returns on investment.

At every step, Belvoir services diminish risks and uncertainties for your business. By outlining options and weighing pros and cons, the expert Belvoir commercial real estate team makes it easy for you to make informed decisions, saving time and resources while keeping you going places. The Belvoir approach to commercial real estate development is all about getting your project moving. 

Explore Our Commercial Real Estate Development Services

Belvoir is a full-service commercial real estate development company that facilitates projects from start to finish. By incorporating market awareness, strategic evaluation, and effective implementation, the Belvoir team helps you achieve your goals. Read more below about our premier commercial real estate development services in Houston, Texas, Midland, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida. 

Market Studies

Belvoir’s commercial real estate development services start with an in-depth market study, also known as a market analysis. This crucial process studies current market values and gathers information about properties in your desired area.

The data collected includes:

  • Size of the properties
  • Neighborhood information and demographics
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Building square footage
  • Number of rooms and floors
  • Date of construction
  • Closeness to public transportation, major roads, shops, etc.
  • Included property amenities
  • List of improvements
  • And more

Belvoir’s thorough process gathers all of the information you need to learn about the current market and property availability. You will also learn about the value and price of properties in your desired area so that you can decide how to move forward with your development project.

Financial Programming

The world-class Belvoir team is here to guide you through the entire commercial real estate development process, including the financials. Whether your project needs to secure financing through outside investors, a development firm, or a commercial bank loan, Belvoir can walk you through the steps. After laying out all of your options, the Belvoir team can advise you on the best financial program for your real estate project. The team also assists with applications, proposals, and other documentation needed for your financial plan to get approved. 

With professional guidance, securing your financial programming doesn’t have to be a headache. Let Belvoir help you through the process so that your development can get underway sooner.

Site Selection and Acquisition

For new construction projects, site selection and acquisition is a vital part of the commercial real estate development process. Before the process begins, the Belvoir team takes detailed notes about your property needs, objectives, and requirements. From there, the team evaluates commercial properties for sale that match your criteria, collects data, and runs feasibility studies on the top choices.

After the site selection phase, the acquisition process can begin. Belvoir agents then enter the negotiation and valuation process. The final steps are finalizing the financial plan and signing contracts.

Having a trusted expert by your side through the site selection and acquisition phase makes all the difference for your development project. Whether you are an investor or a developer, the Belvoir team keeps your goals and best interests in mind throughout the entire process. You can relax knowing that expert commercial real estate agents are doing the hard work for you and moving the process along in an efficient manner. 

Project Design

The Belvoir team partners with high-end design professionals to bring your development or construction project to life. The partnerships include architects, designers, and general contractors who consider your objectives in every decision. Belvoir agents oversee the entire design process and keep you informed on all progress, updates, and changes.

Project Management

During the construction phase of your project, the Belvoir team can manage the process from start to finish. Through partnerships with contractors, engineers, and subcontractors, Belvoir agents ensure a smooth process and an outstanding end result. 

Upon completion of construction or renovation, Belvoir provides complete property management services. From janitorial services to pest control, the expert-level Belvoir commercial property management company maintains your property so that you never have to worry about it.

The Belvoir Commercial Real Estate Development Process

The Belvoir team guarantees a seamless commercial real estate development process by working through the following life-cycle: 

  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Property preparation
  • Construction and/or renovation
  • Transition to tenants
  • Property management
  • Disposition

Belvoir’s mission is to form long-term relationships with clients and see them through every step of the development process. From conception to completion, each expert Belvoir team ensures that the project meets its highest potential

Service Areas: Commercial Real Estate Development Services in Texas and Florida

Belvoir offers commercial real estate development services in Houston, Texas, Midland, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Houston, Texas

Home of Belvoir’s corporate headquarters, Houston is the second most populated metropolitan statistical area (MSA) in Texas. Encompassing nine counties, the Greater Houston Area is home to several business districts. Organic growth opportunities abound in Houston due to the fact that the city does not have zoning laws that distinguish between commercial and residential neighborhoods. In fact, ranked Houston as the third best city for investors buying rental properties.

Midland, Texas

Out in west Texas, Midland thrives as one of the nation’s energy industry centers. Midland’s population is growing faster than the national average, which makes it a great place for investors to develop real estate projects.

Jacksonville, Texas

In the Sunshine State, Jacksonville, Florida, also ranked as one of the top cities for real estate investors. The healthcare industry thrives in Jacksonville, and the city offers a great business culture. Tourists from all over the world flock to Jacksonville for the culture, beaches, and southern hospitality.

The Belvoir Approach

The Belvoir approach is all about start-to-finish services. From conception to completion, the Belvoir team guides clients through every step, decision, and challenge in the commercial real estate development process. Belvoir sees every commercial real estate project as an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with clients. At every stage, client involvement and satisfaction are at the core of the Belvoir approach.

Belvoir agents also approach each development and construction project with an open mind. Every project has potential, and the Belvoir team is on a mission to uncover it. Elevating each project to its highest value and purpose is a hallmark of the Belvoir approach. Relying on innovative technology and leading real estate strategies, Belvoir agents make the most of every development opportunity. 

Meet the Belvoir Commercial Real Estate Development Experts

Matthew Goldsby, Chief Executive Officer

As founder and managing director of Belvoir Real Estate Group, Matthew Goldsby is passionate about building people, properties, and communities. Matthew’s background includes nearly 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, spanning brokerage, management, development, and investment services. Matthew recently earned his MBA from Rice University. He brings a unique perspective and a creative approach to every challenge, and he fosters an internal culture of mentorship and continuous growth. 

A well-respected Houston real estate professional, Matthew has worked transactions and projects cumulatively valued at more than $700 million throughout his career and has overseen Belvoir’s rapid organic growth since 2012. Along with his wife, Meredith, and their two daughters, he is active at St. Michael Catholic Church.

Brad Kovach

Brad Kovach brings nearly 30 years of experience in the management and leasing of commercial office buildings to Belvoir. He has worked with well-known real estate companies including Hines & Caldwell Watson, with portfolios including high-profile Class A properties in the Houston CBD, Class A and B suburban office properties, and mixed-use office warehouse properties. 

Brad’s expertise includes, but is not limited to, construction management, disaster recovery and restoration, LEED and Energy Star certifications, property and financial management, and leasing. The native Texan earned his bachelor’s degree in general business administration/finance from Sam Houston State University. Brad is a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association and Institute of Real Estate Management. He is also a certified property manager and a licensed real estate salesman.

Rose Hernandez, CPM, Senior Property Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, Rose Hernandez is a high-energy professional skilled in asset preservation and operations. Previously, she worked with well-known real estate companies including Equity Office Properties, Weingarten Realty Investors, InvenTrust Properties, and CBRE. 

Rose’s experience includes managing multiple asset classes including industrial, office, and retail. Rose is a member of the Building Owners and Managers Association and Institute of Real Estate Management. She is also a certified property manager and a licensed real estate salesperson.

Adam Strauss, Director of Leasing

Adam Strauss has been working in the commercial real estate industry for over 24 years, gaining experience from multiple highly regarded real estate companies, including Newmark Knight Frank and Whitestone REIT. Adam’s integrity, industry knowledge, and creativity make him an excellent addition to the team.

Why Choose Belvoir Commercial Real Estate Development Company

What makes Belvoir different from other commercial real estate firms in Texas and Florida? First, with over 150 years of combined experience in commercial real estate brokerage, management, development, and investment services, the Belvoir team has seen it all. Belvoir approaches every project with an open mind and client-first attitude.

Belvoir includes clients in every step of the commercial real estate development process while also making the process easier for them. The Belvoir team prides itself on meeting all client objectives and going above and beyond to ensure a spectacular development or renovation project. From conception to completion, Belvoir offers a full range of commercial real estate development services.

Belvoir Real Estate Group is a boutique, one-stop-shop for all your commercial real estate needs. The Belvoir team focuses on being innovative and visionary while building people, practice, and property to their best and highest value. 

Ready to get started with world-class commercial real estate development services? Contact Belvoir today to begin your next development project. Let the Belvoir team get the wheels on your project moving.