Commercial Real Estate Development

Commercial Real Estate Development

Belvoir is a commercial real estate development company with a team of experts. Our experts are ready to help you reach your goals. We have a wide variety of services to offer our current and future clients. . We identify options and execute the development of commercial real estate properties. Our team makes it simple for you to make educated decisions. We lay out alternatives, weigh the benefits and identify the drawbacks. Our approach to commercial real estate development is about the safe and timely completion of your project.

Development Services

Market Studies

Our commercial real estate development company always starts with an in-depth market study. This studies current market values and gathers information about properties in your area. We go through a comprehensive process to get the information you need. This will help to understand how the market and property availability is changing. You’ll also discover details on values and pricing in your desired area.

Data Collected

  • Size of the properties
  • Local information and demographics
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Building square footage
  • Date of construction
  • Closeness to public transportation, major roads, shops, etc.
  • Included property amenities
  • List of improvements

Financial Programming

Our team will help you through the commercial construction process, including finances. Whether you need to secure financing through outside investors, a development firm, or a commercial loan. After considering your options, we help choose the best financing solution for your property. Our team works with you to create a financial plan that you will feel comfortable and confident with. We assist with applications, bids, and documentation needed to get approved.

Site Selection and Acquisition

Site selection, and acquisition, are critical phases in the commercial real estate development process. Especially for new construction projects. Our team’s first priority is to understand your needs, goals, and requirements. We then study commercial properties for sale that meet your criteria. After that, we collect data and conduct feasibility tests on the top choices. After you’ve settled on a site, the acquisition process will begin. It starts with negotiations and an appraisal. Once you come to an agreement you come to the final stages. The final stages are to finish the financial strategy and sign contracts. Having an expert on your side through the process makes all the difference. Whether you are an investor or developer, our team prioritizes your goals. You can rest assured that Belvoir will fight for your best interests. Not just at the beginning, but throughout the long and complicated acquisition process.

Project Design

Our team has connections with high-end experts to bring your development to life. Architects, designers, and general contractors consider your goals in every choice. All aspects of the design process are overseen by our Belvoir team. We will keep you updated on all developments, updates, and modifications. You can trust that the project will turn out as you imagined, or even better.

Project Management

During the construction stage of your project, our team will monitor every step. Our team streamlines your experience and guarantees a beautiful result. We guarantee this by working with top-notch contractors, engineers, and subcontractors. Once the project is complete, our property management services take care of the rest. From cleaning to pest control, our property management keeps your facility in top shape.

Development Process

Our goal as a commercial real estate development company is to build long-term partnerships with clients. We assist them through every stage of the development process. We at Belvoir commit to ensuring that the project reaches its greatest potential. We make the development process as simple and painless as possible. We do this by expertly navigating the following life cycle:

  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Property preparation
  • Construction and/or renovation
  • Transitions to tenants
  • Property management
  • Disposition

Our Approach

Our approach focuses on all-inclusive services from start to finish. We guide clients through every stage, decision, and adversity from beginning to end. At Belvoir, every commercial real estate project is an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with our clients. Our team treats every project, regardless of size, as if it was our highest priority.

Service Areas

Houston, Texas

Houston is the energy industry capital of the United States. Houston draws commercial real estate investors from all over the world. The city boasts a thriving economy, a steady job market, and a low cost of living. The Greater Houston Area encompasses several business districts. As the largest city without zoning laws, businesses thrive in Houston.

Midland, Texas

Midland offers a smaller market with plenty of room for growth. The city continues to expand at a rapid rate. Midland is a hub of the energy industry. There is an abundant amount of commercial real estate opportunities in Midland.

Jacksonville, Florida

It won’t be long before Jacksonville is the most-visited city in Florida. Jacksonville has a great economy, plenty of tourism, and innovative culture It’s one of the top places for commercial real estate investment properties.


What is development in commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate development is the process of creating tangible property (buildings, sites, etc.). The process can be undertaken by businesses, investors, or developers. It usually includes several steps.

Is real estate development a good investment?

Real estate development is a good investment if you have the capital to invest. You will also have to be willing to accept the risks involved. Development projects can be very profitable, but they also carry a high degree of risk.

What is a commercial real estate development company?

A commercial real estate development company specializes in the development of commercial real estate projects. These groups typically have experience in all aspects of the development process, from conception to completion.

Let Us Help You

Working with one of the country’s most reputable real estate firms is a good approach. This will help to reach your building, renovation, or expansion goals. A future-focused mentality will help you as an investor or developer from start to finish. 

Our real estate group is a full-service commercial real estate firm. We have service areas in Texas and Florida. l. Every new real estate project offers our team an opportunity to develop long-term relationships. Belvoir will go above and beyond for every development and construction project. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you with your commercial real estate needs!