Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

A Commercial Real Estate Broker That Knows the Market

Need a trusted commercial real estate broker to support your business in Texas or Florida? Choose Belvoir, a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm that serves Houston, Midland, and Jacksonville. 

If you are looking to address organizational needs such as tenant representation, site selections, acquisitions, or dispositions, you can rely on Belvoir’s commercial real estate brokers. The Belvoir team also provides brokerage services for investment properties as well. The team will work with you throughout the entire process to see the deal through to the end. After the contracts are signed, your Belvoir brokerage agent serves as an advisor going forward and on future commercial property deals.

The Belvoir brokerage team brings in-depth knowledge and a desire to build a long-term relationship with clients on every deal. Producing value and minimizing risk is the goal of every project. Dedication to clients is what sets Belvoir apart from competitors who are eager to do whatever it takes to close, often to the detriment of their clients. Your real estate goals are within reach with the range of Belvoir’s real estate brokerage services catered to your needs. Whether your goal is to lease, buy, or build a commercial property, Belvoir Real Estate Group can keep your business going places.

What is the Role of a Belvoir Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Think of your commercial real estate broker as an upgraded real estate agent. At Belvoir, brokers offer a high level of expertise and experience in the commercial real estate industry. The role of a broker is to know the ins and outs of the current market so that your business can buy, sell, and lease commercial properties. 

Commercial real estate brokers are there to assist you in every step of the property acquisition or disposition process. Whether you are looking to rent, buy, or build, a broker can negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal. Hiring a world-class Belvoir commercial property broker is the first step to getting your next project moving. 

Commercial Real Estate Broker Services With Belvoir Real Estate Group

Belvoir offers the following commercial brokerage services for renters, buyers, and builders.


If you’re struggling to find the right commercial property, let Belvoir assist in your search. A Belvoir commercial real estate broker can identify unlisted property opportunities for you through an extensive network of connections in Texas and Florida. Your broker will generate a list of business property options that fulfill all your needs and arrange walkthroughs for properties of interest.

After you begin the acquisition, you can rely on your Belvoir broker to facilitate due diligence and execution. Your commercial property broker will be ready to assist with any needs during the acquisition process, including inspection or testing at the potential property. After acquiring a property, Belvoir can also provide commercial real estate development services.


When a previously acquired property no longer serves its purpose for your business, you may need insights on how to proceed. An expert Belvoir broker guides you through the decision-making process. The Belvoir team works to achieve the full value for the property and can market the property in a way that maximizes visibility and return on investment.

Lease, Buy, and Build Property Services:

If you’re deciding whether to lease, buy, or build a commercial property, a Belvoir commercial real estate broker will present all the options available to you for consideration. 

Leasing gives you greater flexibility, and you will not be responsible for maintenance or property management. Your Belvoir broker will cross-reference your property requirements and price range to find a suitable space for lease to house your business.

If you buy a property, you may choose to remodel or renovate the property as desired. You can also earn extra revenue by leasing the property in the future. Before the purchase transaction, your Belvoir broker will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you are receiving the full value of the purchase price.

If the properties listed for sale or lease do not fit your needs, you can opt to build a property that meets your specifications and requirements. Your Belvoir broker will assist in site selection and acquiring land for your project and will be available throughout the construction process to guide and advise you. Belvoir Real Estate Group also offers commercial real estate management services, which include project management. 

Tenant Representation

As a tenant, hiring a representative that understands your immediate and future needs gives you leverage in commercial real estate transaction negotiations. Belvoir commits to providing excellent tenant representation when you are looking to make a move to a new lease location. A Belvoir commercial property broker can also advocate on your behalf to help address issues with your current commercial landlord.

Commercial Brokerage Services in Texas and Florida

Belvoir Real Estate Group operates in Houston, Texas, Midland, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida. Headquartered in Houston, the commercial real estate brokerage firm now maintains offices in all three locations.

Houston, Texas

Known as the energy industry capital of the United States, Houston draws commercial real estate investors from all over the world. The city boasts a thriving economy, a steady job market, and a low cost of living. The Greater Houston Area encompasses several business districts, and as the largest city without zoning laws, businesses thrive in Houston.

Midland, Texas

Midland offers a smaller market with plenty of room for growth. The city continues to expand at a rapid rate. As a hub of the energy industry, industrial commercial real estate opportunities abound in Midland.

Jacksonville, Florida

It won’t be long before Jacksonville is the most-visited city in Florida. With a great economy, plenty of tourism, and innovative culture, it’s one of the top places for commercial real estate investment properties. Current downtown renovations are underway that will make the city even more attractive, which is why the Belvoir real estate brokerage team couldn’t be more thrilled to get started in Jacksonville.

How Do Belvoir Commercial Real Estate Brokers Work?

The Belvoir team brings a combined total of over 250 years of experience in commercial real estate to the table. Every Belvoir client receives first-class treatment and guidance. In the acquisition phase, your Belvoir commercial real estate broker provides in-depth knowledge of the current market to show you the best options for your business. Thanks to a large professional network, Belvoir brokers can also show you unlisted properties. When it’s time to negotiate, your Belvoir broker goes above and beyond to get you the best possible deal.

In the disposition process, your broker can guide you through the whole process to make sure you get the best value. The priority is on maximizing your return on investment so that you can focus on your next project.

What is Unique About Belvoir Commercial Real Estate Brokers?

Belvoir commercial real estate brokers work with a client-first mentality. All decisions factor in your goals and best interest in mind. This approach to commercial real estate is what sets Belvoir brokers apart from other brokers who do whatever it takes to make a deal. 

The Belvoir team sees every project as a long-term relationship with the client, which means that transparency and integrity are top values. At Belvoir, brokers elevate people and projects to their highest potential. 

Get to Know the Commercial Real Estate Brokers at Belvoir

Belvoir has a robust team of brokers and associates who work on your behalf. Meet a couple of the brokerage team power players below. 

Matthew Goldsby, Chief Executive Officer

As founder and managing director of Belvoir Real Estate Group, Matthew Goldsby is passionate about building people, properties, and communities. Matthew’s background includes nearly 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry, spanning brokerage, management, development, and investment services. Matthew recently earned his MBA from Rice University. He brings a unique perspective and a creative approach to every challenge, and he fosters an internal culture of mentorship and continuous growth. 

A well-respected Houston real estate professional, Matthew has worked transactions and projects cumulatively valued at more than $700 million throughout his career and has overseen Belvoir’s rapid organic growth since 2012. Along with his wife, Meredith, and their two daughters, he is active at St. Michael Catholic Church.

Kyle Fischer, Vice President

Kyle Fischer works as part of Belvoir’s Brokerage team to assist corporate clients, investors, and owners with their commercial real estate needs. Prior to joining Belvoir, Kyle worked for a boutique real estate firm in The Woodlands. He holds a bachelor’s degree from McNeese State University and a master’s degree in education from Lamar University. Kyle is currently in the process of obtaining his CCIM certification.

Nick Spearman, Senior Associate

Graduating Cum Laude from Texas Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in finance, Nick Spearman joins the Belvoir team as an experienced professional in both business administration and real estate. As an associate, Nick works within the Brokerage team and brings past experience in acquisitions and finance to his role, as well as training in leadership.

Matt Franques, Associate

Matt Franques brings a wealth of transactional experience to his role with Belvoir. A native of The Woodlands, he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and energy management from the University of Oklahoma. Matt is currently pursuing his master’s degree in business administration from the University of Tulsa. 

Prior to joining Belvoir, Matt had an extensive background in the oil and gas industry. Most recently, he was a landman with an upstream operator in Oklahoma, where he purchased and closed more than 1,000 net mineral acres in the STACK and SCOOP plays, managed an extensive mineral portfolio, and maintained relationships with the state’s largest oil and gas producers. As an associate, Matt works with our brokerage team to close commercial real estate deals.

Sarah LaRocca

With a background in real estate property record management and property taxes, Sarah LaRocca knows having everything in its place makes a difference. Sarah earned her bachelor’s degree in corporate communications with a minor in business from the University of Texas at Austin. She received first-hand experience on the flip side of our industry as an ad valorem property tax intern with MB Lane & Associates. As a transaction coordinator for Belvoir, she puts her attention to detail to work daily, ensuring our clients and brokers have what they need and helping brokered real estate deals reach success.

Choose Belvoir As Your Commercial Property Broker

Belvoir Real Estate Group is a boutique, one-stop-shop for all your commercial real estate needs. The Belvoir team focuses on being innovative and visionary while building people, practice, and property to their best and highest value. Your commercial real estate broker will put your objectives first and guide you through the entire process. You can trust Belvoir brokers to advocate on your behalf and represent your business well during negotiations. An unshakable commitment to the best interests of the client is what sets Belvoir real estate brokerage services apart in the commercial real estate industry. 

Ready to get started with world-class commercial real estate broker services? Contact Belvoir today to begin your next brokerage project. Let the Belvoir team get the wheels on your project moving.