Having the right understanding at the right time matters. Trends in the commercial real estate industry are always changing, and it’s important not only for brokers but also for their clients that they stay on top of these changes. Having an understanding of what is trending in commercial real estate right now and staying up to date on those trends is vital for anyone invested in CRE.

The pandemic caused a lot of changes in the commercial real estate market. Some of these changes will continue into 2022, while others may start to reverse. Here are a few commercial real estate trends to keep an eye on this year:

Real Estate Investment

The commercial real estate market has been attractive to investors in recent years, and this is expected to continue in the rest of 2022. Commercial real estate investment is on the rise. Low interest rates and strong rental demand are making investment properties more appealing than ever. This increased demand from investors is likely to push prices up, so it’s a good time to buy if you’re thinking about investing in commercial real estate.

Remote Work

 Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a big shift towards remote work. A lot of companies have allowed their employees to work from home in order to reduce the risk of transmission. However, as the pandemic comes to an end, some companies are starting to return to the office. There are a few reasons for this. First, some industries simply cannot operate without the tools and collaboration that an office building provides. Second, working from home can be very isolating and can take a toll on mental health. Finally, many companies feel that they can better monitor and manage their employees when they are all in one place. For these reasons, we will likely continue to see a trend toward remote work, but will also see an increase in companies returning to the office or offering hybrid work environments.

Online real estate transactions

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced commercial real estate transactions to move online, with many deals being negotiated virtually. Especially in investment deals, where the focus of the transaction deals more with the financials and less with the actual state of the property, some investors are buying up properties sight unseen. Conversations that used to be hosted in a conference room or over a business lunch are now being held over zoom. Despite these challenges, the commercial real estate market remains active, and many deals are still being successfully negotiated virtually.

These top commercial real estate trends are key elements to get familiar with in order to ensure success in this industry right now.  By understanding these trends, you can make informed decisions about your investments and better position yourself for success in the coming year. 

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