There are three things office building tenants complain about more than anything else. The bad news is: they’re environmental problems that are almost certainly plaguing your office right now. The good news? A building engineer can help your office work more comfortably than ever. Say goodbye to frozen fingers or stuffy workspaces. It’s time for a happy, productive workforce.

    1. Temperature
      It seems that no matter what time of year it is, no matter how extreme the weather is outside, the temperature inside is never quite right. Figuring out the solution can be a time-consuming headache for tenants. Often the solution is with the HVAC system and the solution isn’t in the thermostat but in the capable hands of a building engineer. They can ensure that your system is working properly so you and your team can get back to a job well done.
    2. Poor Indoor Air Quality
      Air pollution isn’t just for the outdoors. If you find yourself sneezing, sniffling or coughing more at the office than at your home, the problem may be indoor air pollution. Don’t suffer the effects of bad air quality. Call your building engineer to ensure your filtration system is working properly and to do some repairs if it isn’t. It’s good for your health and for your business.
    3. Too Much Noise
      It’s hard, especially in open office environments, to get the noise levels just right. When building out a new space, talk with the building engineer specifically about your sound concerns. How many people will be working on your team? Is it an open concept? How thin are the walls? What options are there to attenuate the sound? And if you’ve already moved in, talk over options for mitigating the noise.

No one knows your building better than its engineer. They do what it takes to keep the building running properly and the tenants happy. Your building engineer handles just about every system including elevators, HVAC concerns, fire sprinklers, electricity, maintenance, maintenance (and more!). At Belvoir, we hire experienced, dedicated, personable building engineers because we know that a good work environment makes for a thriving business.