Office building safety has been top of mind for building owners and tenants everywhere since the start of COVID-19. The good news is, providing optimal safety — and easing the minds of workers and visitors who visit a building — doesn’t have to be a mystery. By ensuring safety protocols are in place, accessible and maintained for the building, you can help people feel confident that the places they visit are taking measures to avoid or minimize a COVID-19 outbreak. Here are a few ways commercial building owners can increase confidence for their building’s tenants and guests.

Conduct a hazard assessment for the building. During the assessment, identify high-risk common areas where COVID-19 could spread, as well as high-traffic areas that need extra cleaning in order to minimize exposure. Then, share hazard assessment findings with tenants so they can properly prepare, too. Take thing a step further by posting information for external visitors in public areas. That way, they can make informed decisions for themselves.

Once high-risk/high-traffic areas have been clearly identified, isolate areas as best as possible to minimize COVID-19 transmission. Some examples of this include placing plexiglass barriers between receptionists and visitors in lobbies, blocking off areas that should not be used with caution tape and moving furniture so that it accommodates current social distancing recommendations that people stay at least six feet apart.

Finally, incorporate simple updates to put people’s minds at ease and help minimize the chance of a COVID-19 spread.

  1. Conduct daily health checks of people upon entry into the building.
  2. Wear masks inside public spaces and have disposable masks accessible to guests.
  3. Post signs reminding tenants to stay at least six feet apart, along with other supplemental information.
  4. Have hand sanitizer dispensers available in high-traffic areas such as by doorways and elevators.
  5. Implement frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces to kill germs.

Stay on top of current health and safety guidelines to achieve optimal office building safety for the management of your commercial property. Not only will such measures help your tenants feel safe and ready to get back to work, but it will ensure confidence in the guests who frequent your building, too. If you have questions regarding the management of your commercial property during this pandemic — or other Houston real estate questions — feel free to contact us. We would love to speak with you!