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The Return of American Manufacturing — and the Role Commercial Real Estate Plays
Going Places With Kirsten Ritch, Executive Administrator
Tell us about your path to Belvoir.
I graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2018 with a degree in business management and actually moved to Hawaii afterward, to manage at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Getting to experience life in Hawaii was amazing, but in October I decided it was time to come back to Texas. I’d been interested in the real estate lifestyle for a while and found my fit with Belvoir. I’ve been here since mid-January, and it’s been a great experience. The company fulfills a lot of the things I was looking for. It’s not a big corporation, it’s supportive of its team members and allows for a little freedom.What are your professional goals?
In my current role, I have my hand in just about everything that goes on with the company, and it provides a great chance to learn about the industry and see what’s out there. I could actually see myself going in a couple of directions in real estate. I might consider becoming a broker or even managing a future Belvoir office if the company chooses to open more locations outside of Houston. One of the things I love about Belvoir is that there are a lot of younger people here who have the same vision for the company. There’s a lot of growth that comes with that — both for the company and on an individual level.

What do you do in your spare time? 
I very much like to be outdoors. So, whether it’s going out for a walk, sitting in the park or even taking a beach trip — something I don’t get to do too much of here in Houston — I’m happy when I’m outside. I’d say my favorite thing is probably sitting down to relax on a good patio.

Belvoir Out and About - At Belvoir, we think our tenants are pretty sweet. We recently kicked off the summer with an ice cream social at our Galleria-area office building. We appreciate all those who came out to meet our team, including TEXPO Power, Pinnacle Engineering, Belmont Village and Bee Well Pediatrics! We look forward to hosting other great events like this in the future!
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