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The Flex Space: What it is and What You Should Know
Going Places With…. Kelsie Walker, Transaction Coordinator
Tell us about your time at Belvoir.
I began here with an internship in May, and at the time I just worked with one broker. I became a full-time employee in August, and the experience has been a lot of fun. I’ve worked with a few brokers now, helped out with marketing and worked with some of the other aspects of our company, too. I’ve enjoyed building those relationships and really learning our industry. My job looks very different every day. It’s a busy place, which works for me. I like being busy.What’s something you think people should know about your work?
There are a lot of moving parts, so teamwork is really important in what we do. Marketing has to be a part of every listing, the brokers are part of the sales part of it — there’s no aspect of real estate that’s just left to one person. Our team collaborates well, and I think our camaraderie is a big part of the reason Belvoir has been so successful.

What do you do in your free time? 
I play and coach volleyball, but I don’t really consider it free time. I’m currently playing my fifth year for the University of St. Thomas. The NCAA gave all student athletes another year of eligibility due to COVID, so I saved my last class for eligibility. Belvoir has been very flexible with my schedule, which I appreciate. In December I’ll officially have my bachelor’s degree and MBA in finance.

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