As a commercial real estate leader in Houston, we’ve learned a thing or two about what great property management requires. It takes a special person, one who knows contracts, buildings and can work with anyone. Each building has slightly different requirements, but a successful property manager should have these three essential skill sets:

  1. People Skills. They’re the face of the building, but also the brain and the heart. They have to look at contracts, know details, work with building engineers, work with tenants—not all of whom are always happy—and work within rules and regulations. The best property managers will be able to adapt to communication styles, effectively convey information (whether it’s about building maintenance or contract details) and successfully deliver excellent customer service. As one of Belvoir’s property managers, Tarra Hicks, put it: Follow the rules–nicely.
  2. Problem-Solving Skills. There often exists the potential for something to go wrong in an office building, and commercial space in Houston brings its own challenges. We not only need great AC in the summer and good heating in the winter, but we may also face frozen pipes, iced-over or heat-cracked parking lots and even significant storm flooding.In addition, there are the day-to-day issues of maintenance, tenant concerns, build-outs and more. A manager must be able to prepare for and manage any situation the building presents.The right property manager can think quickly on their feet, improvise solutions and take the appropriate course of action, no matter the situation.
  3. Sales Skills. A commercial property manager must know their property inside and out. They don’t just know all the amenities and details inside the building. They know its selling points compared to other buildings in the area as well as the amenities, features, and nearby perks in the area around the building.

At Belvoir, we understand that a commercial property manager does more than handle your building. Your tenants, your property’s lifeblood, are in their hands. We can help ensure your building is in hands you can trust.