When you are looking for quality commercial real estate brokers for your business, choose Belvoir.

If you are looking to address organizational needs such as tenant representation, site selections, acquisitions or dispositions as well as investment properties, you can rely on us to provide these services for you. You work with us through the whole process, seeing the deal through to the end and serving as an advisor afterward and on future deals.

What sets us apart is our in-depth knowledge and approach to building a relationship with you. When you work with us, value is produced and risk is minimized. You reach your real estate goals with a range of realistic solutions provided by us, catered to whatever your preference — to lease, buy or build a property.

The following services are offered to you:

Acquisitions and Dispositions:
If you’re struggling to find the right commercial property, it may not yet be listed. We can identify property opportunities for you because of our extensive network connections in the Houston area. You will receive business property options that meet and fulfill your needs. After you begin the acquisition portion, you can rely on us to facilitate due diligence and execution. You can count on us to assist with any needs during the acquisition process regardless if it is inspection or testing at the potential property.

Perhaps a property no longer serves its purpose for your business, but you need insights on how to proceed. We work to achieve the full value for the property and can market the property in a way that maximizes visibility and return on investment.

If you’re deciding whether to lease, buy or build, we will present all the options available to you for consideration. If you choose to lease, this allows for you to be more flexible and increase convenience because you will not have to worry about maintenance or property management. If you are interested in buying, this allows you to remodel or renovate the property the way you want and potentially earn extra revenue if you chose to lease the property in the future. After looking at the properties for lease or for sale and you’re still not interested in anything, you can build-to-suit to meet your different specifications and qualifications whether you want to lease or own.

Tenant Representation:
As a tenant, hiring representation that fully understands your immediate and future needs gives you leverage in negotiations and executions of commercial real estate property.

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